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Episodes can also be accessed on facebook and youtube

Nuestros Episodios

Puedes también acceder a los episodios en facebook y youtube

Bonus: LatinoLabs panel on LatinX careers in STEM

Together with the UMAS y Mecha student group at CU Boulder, we held a panel with the LatinoLabs crew to talk about our careers in STEM. The discussion was great, and so we decided to share with you the recording of the whole panel. Enjoy!

Episode 2: Machine shop

Episode 2 of the podcast is the first one of a series we are calling "behind the scenes of science", where we talk about all the people and the process to have to happen for scientists to be able to do research. This episode is about machine shops! Experiments at the edge of scientific research are unique, and require unique solutions and parts. This episode highlights how machine shops and machine shoppers are a super important part of successful scientific research!

Episode 1: Cassini Mission 

Episodio 2: Taller de micromecánica

 El episodio 2 the nuestro podcast es el primero de la serie "detras de la escena de la ciencia", donde hablamos de las personas y los procesos que permiten que los científicos puedas hacer investigacón. Este episodio se enfoca en los talleres de micromecánica! Los experimentos al límite del conocimiento requieren de soluciones únicas, y de partes únicas.

Episodio 1: Misión Cassini 

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